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Reading and Resources

School Walkout Toolkit

Created for students by the Women's March, this toolkit provides a step-by-step guide for organinzing a walkout at your school to honor victims of gun violence and protest the inaction of lawmakers in response to it.

Student's Rights: Speech, Walkouts, and Other Protests

Published by the ACLU, this article details the rights of students at school related to free speech, protests, and walkouts.

Beyond Parkland and other mass shootings, children are wounded and killed by guns daily: Study

This article, written by Whitney Lloyd for ABC News, details the how children in the US are affected by gun violence on a daily basis outside of mass shootings.

A New, Huge Review of Gun Research Has Bad News for the NRA

Written by German Lopez for Vox, this article goes over, in great detail, a recent research review regarding gun violence in the US.