NH Social Justice League

Give a Speech at the March For Our Lives

March 24 Speaking Application

Mission Statement:

The New Hampshire Social Justice League was founded in February 2018 by students from across New Hampshire. As our generation has grown up, we have seen both incredible progress and abject failure in our society as we strive towards equality, inclusivity, and safety in our schools, communities, and nation. This group was founded with the specific purpose of organizing young people in New Hampshire for action that brings us closer to these ideals. The catalyst for our formation was the activism displayed by the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. We stand with them in our current focus on gun reform in order to end the horrendous cycle of mass shootings in which our nation is currently trapped.

Call for Speakers & Artists:

We are accepting submissions for 2-5 minute speeches, songs, slam poetry, or other expressions in support of March for Our Lives for the Saturday, March 24th March for Our Lives Rally in Concord. If you would like your speech, song, poem, or other to be considered, please email it to us at chsmarchforourlives@gmail.com by Saturday, March 17th at 10 am.

Guidelines for Submissions:

- Must be 22 years old or younger

- Submit a brief bio including name, town, and include what school you attend, if any (college, vocational, high school, middle school, elementary, etc)

- Examples of speeches include but not limited to: essay, poem, song, etc.

The NH Social Justice League will work to provide a diverse speaker line-up representing different geographical regions and issue focuses. Selected speakers will be notified by Sunday, March 18th at 10 pm. If selected, speakers are required to meet in Concord on Saturday, March 24th at 9:15 am for a speaker prep meeting, and must be available until 12 noon.